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Our services are aimed only at customers satisfaction. We focus on complete customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business. Our staff members are unique and highly skilled. They are equipped with the needed resources to help them satisfy you and give you an experience that is memorable.
Deep tissue massage in Dubai


Is the massage therapy technique that works by realigning the connective tissue and the inner muscle layers, a lot of ways but the deeper pressure that is applied when the therapy is on is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.

Oil massage in Dubai


This particular massage provides a sensational feel that calms the body, mind, and the spirit. It works by using massage oils to stimulate certain tissues of the body to improve overall health.

Swedish massage in Dubai


The most widely used massage therapy and the most available massage therapy for beginners who have at one time or the other had different massages in time past.

Four hands massage in Dubai


Ideal massage type for all spa lovers who have issues with letting go of stress during their massage therapy. As the name implies, it means experiencing two different types of massage all at once.

Thai massage in Dubai


This is an ancient massage therapy that uses the interactive manipulation of different body parts by the application of soft pressure with the hand and passive stretching. It is one of the world’s oldest healing method.

Foot massage in Dubai


A foot massage offers a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Most of the time during a massage therapy, the feet are always ignored and forgotten.

Sport massage in Dubai


This type of massage focuses on helping you recover after intense sporting activities and it also enhances performance in future sports activities.

Hot stone massage in Dubai


This type of massage helps you relax by providing you with the needed relief to ease all contracted muscles. The effect of the stone is felt intensely because of the strong mineral composition they possess.

They Said About Us

Individuals from all walks of life refer to us as the best in Dubai. Our services are cost-effective effective and all our staff is individuals who pay attention to detail. A referred to as a dependable spa and massage center for all your needs and they do the best to leave you better than you came.
Energy Therapy

We have an energy therapist who makes use of healing techniques that uses energy to treat different symptoms and diseases. The most common type we use is music therapy, sound therapy, sound energy therapy, touch therapy, and Reiki. Our aim is to create a level of balance, peace, and health in a person.

Massage Away

Using Sport and Remedial therapies as well as Swedish massage to enhance muscle conditioning and performance. Works deep into the muscles to alleviate pains found in the joints and in the muscles. We use this on its own or combine it with other techniques to stretch and increase blood flow.

Mind Massage

A good massage can give the body some restorative effect and it's so effective when it comes to easing stress. But our new Hypnotherapy mind massage at Angels Touch is known to take the mind-body helping effect to a different level.

Relaxation Spa

Our relaxation spa is one of the best in the whole of Dubai. It offers you the best service and has all the modern equipment and gym to help you relax your mind and body. Our yoga instructor and therapist. We keep you in mind and we do our best to address your individual needs.

Enjoy The Difference

Angel Touch Massage is different from the regular massage and spa house because we provide one of the best services in Dubai. We employ an expert who are trained therapists and who understands different body complexities to help you get that relaxing effect you want. Our aim is to surpass your expectations and give you a premium delivery of all our services.

During aromatherapy massage, your skin absorbs these essential oil molecules. The benefit derived from this massage is the positive changes that are noticed in the mind and body. This change is evident in the limbic system which is a region of the brain known to influence the working of the nervous system.


This involves the use of water in the treatment of different rheumatic conditions like arthritis. It is different from the regular swimming you do because it involves special exercises in warm water.


Your face goes a long way to show how the world will address you and this is why it is important to get the best at facial performed by a licensed and certified skin care professional.


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Spa Reviews

I have visited Angel Touch Massage several times, The girls skills and caring attitude is exceptional plus ability to sense the right type of massage I need and the expertise with which they works makes them outstanding.

Zahoor Ahmad

Spa Reviews

I came to Angel Touch Massage despite my busy schedule. I scheduled an Aromatherapy session with Olivia and it was amazing. Olivia was courteous, professional and took her time to listen to my complaints as well as provide me with the best solution. It exceeded my expectations and the session was both relaxing and therapeutic.

Hakim Zadari

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Go through our gallery and see the different types of massage we offer. Our gallery is structured to help you understand we are one of the best in the city.

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Our Center

Our Massage center provides extensive types of care. We focus on two key elements; Customer satisfaction and good customer service.

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Angels Touch Massage center is a unique paradise that provides therapies that are fantastic and regarded as one of the best. Our therapies massages are performed by professionally trained individuals are dedicated to achieving results only.

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